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A few random thoughts

Has anyone else watched the Skinwalkers trailer and found the guy in the flashback clip holding a gun to look a lot like Jason Behr when he was Max on Roswell? I wonder if that's a scene from Varek's past. I might be wrong about the look alike-ness, but to me, it really looks like Jason. Which makes me even more intrigued. ^^

Also, The Dresden Files series on Sci-Fi Channel is a Lionsgate show and has featured three of the actors from Skinwalkers. Matthew Knight, Timothy, played young Harry Dresden in the first episode, Kim Coates who is the "baddie" pack's Beta figure played a powerful demon character, and then the latest episode featured Lyriq Bent (Doak in the "good" pack) as a vampire. Maybe it's some kind of odd promotion acting work, heh. It was nice to see Kim and Lyriq though, unfortunately I missed Matthew's episode.

The official site has updated, sort of. The add for The Descent has finally gone down, and hopefully this means LGF is getting to work on that site. Or someone is, anyway.

And last, but not least, we have a new affiliate! _jasonbehr_ And there endeth the mod's ramblings. (For now. ^^; )
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