The Beast Waits Within

The Beast Waits Within
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S k i n w a l k e r s : The Beast Waits Within

Skinwalkers is an upcoming action/horror/thriller werewolf movie, released by Lionsgate and After Dark Films. It stars Jason Behr, Natassia Malthe, Elias Koteas, Rhona Mitra, Rogue Johnston, Sarah Carter, Kim Coates, Shawn Roberts, Lyriq Bent, and Matthew Knight. The release date is now August 10th. This is a community for promoting and discussing the movie.

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[x1] This is a community for the movie Skinwalkers. Discussion is allowed. Bashing is not. Disliking elements and bashing the film are two entirely different things. Remember that.
[x2] Be polite to other members. As said before, discussion is allowed and therefore disagreements will be made known. Do not antagonize someone else for their opinion, or you will be banned. If someone antagonizes you, do not respond in kind, alert one of the moderators.
[x3] Keep the posts from going overboard with swearing or type in netspeak. It would be nice if people could understand what they're reading, and not give up because of more profanity than coherent sentence structure.
[x4] Icons and other graphics are more than welcome. For large graphics, or icon posts with more than three icons, use an lj-cut. Crossposting and fake cuts are allowed. However, do not link to a friends-locked entry. If you do, you will be suspended from posting for two months. Your posts can include other subjects besides Skinwalkers, but must include Skinwalkers related graphics. Simply having graphics of the actors from the movie does not count.
[x5] As of right now, no Off Topic posts. If you wish to promote something that is connected to one of the actors or with werewolves, e-mail one of the mods, and we'll decide whether or not it's relevant enough to post it here.

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This community and its moderators have no affiliation with LGF or After Dark Films. The community is for entertainment purposes only. Skinwalkers and all of its characters belong to LGF and After Dark Films.